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PLEASE NOTE This information is subject to change serves as a general guideline only regarding our hunts. We have several hunting and pricing options available for most of our camps, and our flexibility means we can create a hunt that will work for you. Please contact us and we will be glad to discuss the exact details of each hunt, or we can put together a custom hunt for you.

Please Be Advised! As of January 1, 2007 a separate $200 reservation fee is required to lock in your package price and to ensure you a roll-over package in the event you do not draw a license in the year you reserve your hunt and you have to roll over into another year. Specific camps cannot be guaranteed to roll over year to year unless it is open at the time you need to re-book. If your hunt is reserved during the current year and you are successful in obtaining your license, the $200 will be applied to your deposit. Please be aware that we operate on a ‘first-come-first-serve basis’ and reservations will be applied by post mark dates.


  • We are not a fenced in operation!
  • All our game is wild and unpredictable.
  • We cannot guarantee your success in taking an animal – this is hunting.
  • Sorry, many of you have asked, but we do not discount our hunts unless we are running a show special. Payment plans are available, please inquire.
  • On average, it takes an unguided hunter more than 6 years to harvest an elk.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a kill for you.
  • We estimate your chances of success based on your physical condition, past season harvests, CDOW information and statistics and current trends in wildlife habitat and movement.
  • We guarantee that we will do our best to keep you safe, show you game, put you in the best situation we can offer for you and make this a hunt that you will want to come back to.

Our Goal is to be the outfitter you can trust to provide the hunt you expect with the information given, when you book with us. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. Thank you!


Rates for Drop Camp Packages

All prices are per person and include a fully equipped tent camp and all packing services. Client brings their own food and personal items. We have no minimum or maximum number of guests per camp. All camps are private and the camps are set according to the size of the group. Kitchen and sleeping tents are separate unless client chooses to have one combined to lessen the need for firewood during the cold seasons.

Please add 2 additional days to your hunting day plans for pack in and pack out day. Please do not make flight reservation for the same days you fly in or out. We recommend you stay in Montrose the night before you pack into GMU 65; or Gunnison for GMU 66. We will provide transport from your hotel to the trail head if you fly and need transport.

Game Management unit 65

  • $2,200 straight

Game Management Unit 66

  • 2-3 hunters $2,800
  • 4-5 hunters $2,500
  • 6+ hunters $2.200

Hunting drop camp packages

  • Archery camps: 9 days
  • Muzzle load: 9 days
  • First rifle: 5 days
  • 2nd rifle: 9 days
  • 3rd rifle: 7 days

Note: You can pack out any time you want or need to, just let us know if you do not want to use the full length of the hunt time.

DIY pack services

  • Charges to get you and your camp in are figured by greatest number of pack/ride animals used for the trip.
  • $450 each horse or mule, round trip, including the packer’s horse.
  • If you request a ride check or re-supply during your hunt, there is an additional $450 per check.
  • 150+/- lbs limit per pack animal.

Game packing:

  • Bull elk $600
  • Cow Elk $400
  • Deer $400
  • Bear $600
  • Moose $1,000

Outdoor Vacation Rates

Trail Rides, Pack Trips, and Fishing in the Powderhorn Wilderness or the Big Cimarron country will provide your with endless photographs and memories. Experience the splendor of the first wildflowers of summer, or catch a glimpse of a fawn nestled in the forest vegetation. Lose yourself in the awesome beauty of the changing colors of the Aspen in the early fall. Stay at the Coffeepot High Country Base Camp on the Cimarron and enjoy daily fishing and trail riding. Whatever your desire you will surely find it in Western Colorado’s finest high country.

Pack Trips

Trips are scheduled every other week, beginning Memorial Day Weekend through August 25. Cost will be based on length of trip and number of people in the party. Limit of 8 guests to a group. Typical packages are 4-days and 4-nights.

Prices begin at $250 per person per day/night.

All packages include wonderful family-style meals, camping gear, fully-equipped tents and a horse suited to you. You will need to purchase your fishing license. All pack trips will be conducted in the Gunnison and Uncompahgre National Forests and BLM area.

Trail Rides

By the Hour $15 per person
Half-day $50 per person
Daily Rides (includes lunch) $85 per person


By the Day $75 per person

Includes a sack lunch. We take you horseback into some great fishing streams and high country lakes where the fish are just waiting for you. Enjoy a sack lunch in the high country. This is a very relaxing and enjoyable time if you like horses and fish. Or you can choose to simply “kick back” and fish in our private pond stocked with Rainbow Trout while looking forward to an afternoon barbeque.

Overnight $250 per person

Includes 2 sack lunches, one supper and one breakfast. Travel by horse into the higher elevations of the mountains where you can fish to your heart’s content while your guide sets camp for the evening and prepares supper over a campfire. Wake in the morning to the aroma of cowboy coffee, bacon, eggs and pancakes.

Corporate & Family Retreats

Stay in cabins provided by us and go fishing and horseback riding during the day. Or be adventurous and plan a pack trip with all the trimmings. Design your own retreat package.

Private Treaty

Private Parties

Let us put together a package for you and friends and/or family.

Private Treaty


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